Who You Are : Chairman/CEO

I have had the privilege of interacting with the world’s most prominent CEOs. They, and most of the other Chairmen I’ve encountered professionally and socially, do not find it “lonely at the top.” They do find good counsel rare at the top.

The absence of good counsel in communications has brought down any number of Chairmen and Presidents. Tony Hayward of BP is but the latest example. Whatever your opinion of Patty Dunn, Dick Fuld, Carly Fiorina, Mark Hurd, Rick Smith (GM) and others, there have been errors of conduct and performance compounded by poor communications, but also of relatively minor or transient issues turned fatal by poor communications.

I’ve spent over twenty years studying top communications people (and those who purport to be or hold titles that should make them so). Through this, I’ve developed unique insight into why those in this role so often fail to deliver on its promise, and those who instead make the equation work.

This comprises the core, the essence of our value to you, so naturally it isn’t published on our website.* Plus, one size doesn’t fit all. If you would like to have a confidential discussion about this dynamic – due to an impending search or well in advance of one – please have your assistant contact our office to schedule a discreet meeting.

* It’s hard for this not to sound a little like a come-on, so if you’re skeptical, we’ll make the following guarantee: if you find our perspective on why communications frequently doesn’t work and what can turn it around anything less than novel, illuminating and practical, we’ll do a search for your company for half-fee, or make a substantial contribution to a charity mutually acceptable. We’ve been doing this a long time, are keenly interested in analysis and aren’t blowing smoke.