Who You Are : Chief HR Officer

If you’re facing a search for a new head of communications, the CEOs eyes will be on you more than ever. PR is a very personal matter, even to the most institutionally oriented Chairman.

The function carries more risks than most, and far less tangible ones. Being in human resources, you have some familiarity with intangibles and know that simply a great CV is no guarantee of competence. The most value we contribute in these searches is highlighting what really matters in the position and illustrating the story behind the resume of credible first-class candidates.

Yes, we can search more broadly than the giant firms. Yes, we don’t face their off-limits restrictions or conflicts of interest. But the key factor for selecting us is the personal involvement of David Moyer, his ability to walk senior executives through the dark, gnarly patches of the communications forest, and the happy net outcome of bringing on board experienced communications management who can integrate the techniques and technology of PR with the themes – and quirks – of your culture and your chairman.