Who You Are : Director of Talent Acquisition

We know communications. We have worked with the largest corporations in America, smaller sub-Fortune 500 ones, professional services firms and nonprofits. We understand your time constraints, need for results and heavy workload. We know you may be measured on candidate slates, time to completion, and diversity goals. We understand the sometimes delicate balance between senior management, hiring managers and human resources. We respect your role in the process and how much you add to the dialog. We depend on you for insights into the corporate culture, who transitions well to it and from what companies.

Your “beat” may include the communications department on a regular basis, or this may be your first time managing a search in the function. It has substantial differences from other functions that make people in it harder to evaluate. Results are measured over a very long term and difficult to prove. Personal attributes may have disproportionate impact depending on level, interaction with the C-suite and the company’s history with the function.

We’ve been helping companies navigate these considerations for decades. Our credentials among executive search firms are unassailable and our experience in communications is unparalleled. What we can share with you about the field while we do our work, the context we provide as we present the candidates, the nuances we illuminate during your deliberations on the finalist make all the difference in reaching successful completions quickly and without surprises.

I believe that communications, when it’s done right, can do more for a corporation than any other function. I also believe that it’s done right much less often than any other function. Let’s make the first part true for your department, and leave the second part for your competitor’s.